Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Years

We got back from the holidays a bit early. Spencer worked a bit, we celebrated his birthday, then our anniversary then new years. 

 We also got a beautiful snow storm! I love Flagstaff covered in snow!

Christmas 2014

We were grateful for the chance to be up in Utah for Christmas to be with all of our family! We made it to all of the family parties, went to a movie, went to the temple, and had lots of fun.
Christmas eve started off with the Graehls, decorating cookies, doing a nativity and eating yummy food. 

 Then we finished the day off with the Jackmans with a fancy dinner, Christmas traditions and games.
Christmas morning was great, Finlee had no idea what was going on. We just loved being able to be with family!

Silly Finlee

December was a busy, fun month. From birthdays to Christmas, to our 5th anniversary to the new year, it was crazy fun!
Here are a few silly pictures of this boy in December and January!

Eating some of dad's grapefruit!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1st Birthday Party

 Happy Birthday Finlee!
We did his party the day after his birthday so we still did a little cupcake on his actual birthday.
 He played with it more than ate it, but that was mainly because we had already fed him dinner.

 Pictures from the party!
I wanted to do a little something, but not too crazy because I'm just not like that. So I still did a little theme of vintage airplanes. We did a few snacks for the guests, trying to keep it simple.
 Finlee's cake. I tried the healthy kind, and honestly I wish I would have done the real thing. He didn't seem to like it much and the cake was kind of firm and the frosting super runny, oh well!
 Pictures from his birth to now!

 Playing with some friends

 All of us sang to him and he loved it!

 He ate more raspberries than the actual cake!

 He kept trying to push it off his tray, maybe he didn't like it!

12 Months old, One whole Year

 I took these pictures on his birthday, but it was a busy time getting things ready for the little party we did for him. We are still in shock that he has reached the one year mark. That's a big deal, and yet it has already come and gone.
Well this busy boy has been doing great! Learning and growing and having fun.
Weight: 20 lbs 12 oz= 21%
Height: 30.5 inches= 74%

*Repeats a lot of things like words or actions
*Words= car, mom, dad, duck, bre, Kohly, done, more
* Learned how to clap
*Gives lots of kisses
*Learning no and don't touch
*Loves climbing up and down the stairs
*Has always been a good eater, but sometimes chooses to be picky
*Stuffs his face when he eats, then shoves it down further with his tumb, causing him to gag.
*Loves books that says animal noises
*Had his first Thanksgiving, and loved the food
*Loves blankets and rug and lays his head down on them
*Loves walking with his walker toy
*Getting used to milk
*Loves crawling around with a toy in each hand

Got sick on mommy taking pictures!